Customized & Multi-Day Tours

The Customized Touring and Planning is one part of our business that has really grown for us the past couple years.  Guests are looking to explore, staying longer and want to travel out of town and see as much as possible.   Travelers don't want to be packed on a bus with 30 or 40 other strangers.  They want a Private Guide/Driver that knows the area(s) and can travel with the flexibility to stop longer, stop more often or veer off the planned itinerary if the desire arises.   

We often hear  ”Nova Scotia has been on our bucket list for years!”

We have planned from overnight itineraries to full three day, seven day and even longer (17 day itinerary, yes that happened in 2022 Ho Ho Ho).   

What does a customize tour look like ?  For a day tour, it can be as simple as using our private tour outlines listed and adding to it or taking something away from it based on your interest.  The touring price is still based on the hourly rate.

For longer overnight tours or multi-day tours,  we take the time to listen to our guests to get a good sense of what they want to see but also, what they want to 'Experience'.    An outline is created taking into consideration routes, bridges, ferries, accommodations' and the must see and do.  Working with feedback, a finalized outline including an itinerary summary, accommodation listings, pricing, payment schedules, cancelation policy, etc.   is reviewed for approval.   

Once the customized multi-day tour is approved and a deposit is made, a more detailed itinerary is sent out which includes daily maps and routes, a bit more details on the areas being visited etc.

Pricing for multi-day touring varies based on the length of touring, routes, accommodations and meal requirements for guests/guide as well as the areas we travel to.  We may need to take into consideration tolls for bridges or ferries or tickets to local events.     

An example of a multi-day tour out of Halifax could be traveling to Cape Breton for a couple days/nights to explore the area including the Cabot Trail; ferry across to Prince Edward Island for a couple more days/nights; taking the Confederation Bridge back to mainland New Brunswick to Hopewell Rocks; returning to the Annapolis Valley and overnight before exploring the South Shore areas of Lunenburg to Peggy's Cove and Halifax.   Don't forget we can take a full day to tour Halifax and it's local history and beauty.   There are endless options and no two tours are the same. 

Multi-day touring does take some planning and needs to take into consideration availability of the guide as well as accommodations of areas being visited, especially in peak tourist season.     We take care of everything from the mapping of routes to the booking of accommodations.  Most multi-day tours are planned months and even a year or more in advance.

*We are currently have limited dates ranges available for 2024 multi-day touring due to high booking confirmations.  We are actively planning tours for 2024.

A max of 4 persons is recommended, 2 to 4 works really well.   With the inquiries we have received, we are in the early planning stages to investigate offering multi-day touring for larger group of 6 to 12 in 2024. 

Send us an email or call and we can plan an unforgettable adventure !

Photo Galleries of recent Multi-day Touring

Russell, Kim and Celia - 6 Day Nova Scotia, New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island - June 27 - July 2, 2023

Laura & Jim Gregory 8 Day Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island - June 30 - July 8, 2022

SANTA ! Mr. & Mrs. Claus w/Sister Trenette 17 days - Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island - July 12 - July 28, 2022