Peggy's Cove & Lighthouse

This tour features a drive from Halifax to Peggy's Cove along the beautiful Lighthouse Trail. You will stop in Peggy's Cove for a walk on the rocks and explore many of the surrounding areas. Along the way you will be able to visit local shops and museums and get a feel for historical life in rural Nova Scotia.

For lunch enjoy Lobster, Fish and Chips and other local favorites at an additional cost.

A typical tour includes a stop to the Titanic Graveyard site: travel off the beaten track to the small fishing village of Lower Prospect/Terence Bay with a local Lighthouse on the rocky coastline (maybe find some sea glass on the beach); Peggy's Cove and Lighthouse, with access to amazing views, meal/lunch stops and so much more. Other areas we can arrange based on interest and time is Swiss Air Memorial Site and the Acadian Maple Shop.

As with all of my tours, it can be customized to suit your interests. Meal stops with various options are available along the route at an extra cost. 

I have my standard 5 hour Peggy's Cove tour, but the demand over the years was very high to have more time to see more sites and spend more time in the areas visited.  So there is the option for a 6 hour tour. The extra hour allows this flexibility and well worth the time added.

Max seating is six guests based on typical sized adults/children. The number of passengers should be reduced for over-sized/taller passengers to ensure comfort & accessibility.  See FAQ for more details.

Itinerary Outline 

Driving from Halifax to Peggy's Cove, we'll get to know each other & talk a little history with opportunities to stop for photos. stretch your legs & take in the beauty.

- P/U - Cruise Ship Port; Local Hotel or other location
- Learn some local history of Halifax including events such as the Halifax Explosion of 1917 and Halifax's connection to the Titanic.
- Visit the Fairview Lawn Cemetery (Titanic Graveyard)
- Head off the beaten track to small fishing village(s), rocky coastlines (maybe find some sea glass on the beach)
- Peggy's Cove with iconic Lighthouse and Fishing Village
- For lunch enjoy Lobster, fish and chips and other local favorites (additional cost).
- Travel back to Halifax while enjoying the beautiful sites
- Pop Quiz ?

Optional stops based on route, timing & customer interest.
- Swiss Air Memorial Site
- Acadian Maple
- Citadel Hill
- Fort Needham Memorial Park (Halifax Explosion)

A perfect Tour for a Shore Excursion/Day Trip.

Tours are generally 5 hours ($550 CND; approx. $400 USD) or 6 hours ($660 CND; approx. $485 USD),  includes local Tax (15%)   Note: All pricing is in Canadian Funds.  

Gratuities are not included and are never expected but always appreciated.

All tours are PRIVATE which means we do not fill seats.  No other group/persons will be joining your tour.